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Vegetarianism is becoming a trend nowadays. It's not just a fashion thing, it's a lifestyle that gives us many positives. Have you decided to say goodbye to meat but would like to indulge in its taste? Choose a suitable alternative.


A common dish in Asian cuisine, it is very often found in the diet of vegetarians here too. It is made from soya beans, which contain a large amount of protein. However, this was already known to the Japanese monks thousands of years ago, who were fond of eating it.

In addition to protein, tofu also contains many antioxidants, amino acids and the very important calcium. To ensure the purest, look for organic tofu. Today, you can find it in its natural unflavoured form, but also in a variety of flavours such as smoked, herbal or even some of the sweet variants. It can be eaten raw or cooked, used as a base for spreads or sweet creams.


This delicacy is not yet as widely known, but once you taste it, you'll stick with it. It is created by fermenting soya, which gives it many positive properties. Fermented products have a good effect on the intestinal microflora because they contain beneficial bacteria. This is linked not only to better digestion, but also to stronger immunity. It is in the intestines that up to 80 percent of it is stored.

Tempeh contains protein, vitamins, minerals and fibre. The advantage is that it also contains B vitamins, which vegans in particular can sometimes lack. You can also get tempeh in its natural form, but many people can't handle that. Smoked or fried, on the other hand, it is very tasty and can be used in hot dishes or just to coat bread with vegetable butter.


This vegetable protein is made from cereals, unlike the previous products. It is low in fat, so anyone trying to shed a few pounds will appreciate it. It contains around 20 percent of the aforementioned protein, so it's definitely no match for meat. Plus, it has no cholesterol, almost no fat and no carbohydrates. Robi meat comes in many forms. It is sold cooked, yet it is more suitable for warm cooking and still requires light seasoning.

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