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ANDREA KALIVODOVÁ: The sun and nature recharge me

Photo Martin Buček

This year the famous opera singer celebrates twenty years on the stage of the Prague State Opera, where she has been a soloist since 2003. Ten years ago she was struggling with a tumour. Since then she has changed her life and today she takes loving care of herself.

You have a demanding profession. How do you reconcile all this with a healthy lifestyle?

You have to have inner discipline. If he wants to do his profession for a long time and at full strength, he must take care of both body and soul.

And how do you take care of it?

By reading, listening to music of other genres, meditating occasionally and, above all, by trying to stay upbeat, positive and in a good mood.

You just radiate it. So you can make time for yourself?

Of course, since I have two beautiful boys, it's been more difficult, but luckily they are big athletes after their daddy, so they have common interests and "guy escapes", so I can think about myself. Work out, get a facial, talk to my girlfriends.

You'll even indulge in massages?

I'd love to. Relaxing oil massages, facials and foot massages, it's incredibly relaxing. And when you add a nice environment and nice music, it's just amazing.

Do you also relax actively?

Mostly in nature, by walking in the beautiful surroundings of my home, on bike trips with my family, in the summer at home in the garden and by the pool. Just fresh air and sunshine recharges me.

Surely you have to keep yourself in good shape to get the job done...

Sure, it's not easy to physically endure a three-hour show or a two-hour concert. Besides the mental strain, you have to be able to do it in 100% condition. Well, everything I mentioned helps me to do that. Movement in nature, exercise, massage, regular voice and breathing exercises.

Does a healthy diet help?

I try to live a healthy lifestyle with my family. We like a light diet, vegetable salads, pasta in different ways, for example Italian cuisine suits us in this respect. I also try to bake with healthy ingredients. We eat a lot of fruit, vegetables, less sweeteners and salt. We also try to avoid ethics as much as possible, I like to buy from Czech farmers, we have our own supplier for vegetables as well. First of all, it's fresh, homemade and I also like to support our farmers.

Do you use herbs?

Herbs belong in a proper kitchen. I grow them myself with the support of our grandmothers, I use them both in cooking and for healthy herbal teas.

And you can even cook?

Of course, that's necessary for life too 😊 I like something sweet with my coffee.

You have a really busy year this year. What are you most looking forward to?

With my production, we continue our successful project for children and young people "Who would be afraid when you say opera or musical", where the aim is to expand children's knowledge of concepts such as opera, musical, National Theatre, State Opera, to relieve stress during the performance and not to be afraid to follow their dreams and goals. Together with the Andante agency we continue to realize the successful tour "Carmen and other loves". In the spring I will again perform my favourite role of the Witch (Ježibaba) in a beautiful rendition of Dvořák's Rusalka at the Prague State Opera. In the meantime, I will be performing a number of concerts all over the Czech Republic. I will also be preparing for a new and very unusual role at the State Opera. I look forward to every meeting with the audience and always enjoy it to the fullest.

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