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In England they can't imagine an afternoon siesta without it, in China it is a traditional culture and is drunk from morning till night, in Japan it has even been elevated to a ceremony. Tea is undoubtedly a delicacy that has beneficial effects on our bodies.

It has been with us for thousands of years, and even today, when all kinds of juices and sodas or other beverages rule the roost, tea is the most popular drink after water. People across all cultures and continents drink it.

Green, white, black or perhaps red? Which do you prefer? Each brings us a range of beneficial effects. It's up to you which one you prefer. Tea can soothe or invigorate us, induce a sense of relaxation, a relaxed atmosphere, bring back a zest for life and is a pleasant guide to encounters with those close to us.

The tea plant originates from China. It is a shrub over three meters tall. But there is also a tree species that reaches a height of up to 20 meters. The leaves are used to make a delicious drink that has an unmistakable aroma and taste, but also has effects on our body. Depending on the processing and length of fermentation, green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea, etc. are produced. We also have tea specialities such as beautiful flowering teas.

In addition to these classics, we can also enjoy the so-called non-teas, such as rooibos, which is made from the bark of the tree and is free of caffeine. We also know, for example, lapacho, known as Inca tea, which has an effect on the psyche, immunity and digestive problems. You can also find mate tea or a wide range of fruit teas, which are made with infusions of fruit, whether dried or fresh. We must not forget herbal teas, which often help us with various health ailments.

Tea brings us many positives. It contains many beneficial substances, minerals and essential oils. That is why we also offer tea in our studio after every massage. So that you can enjoy peace and tranquility for as long as you want.

Tea also makes a lovely gift. And we have prepared a wide range of the best teas for you, which you can find in our e-shop. Just choose:

Let us know what your favorite tea is and when you like to drink it...

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