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How best to celebrate the holiday of lovers with your loved one? How about a massage together? Try a new feature in our offer - couples massage. It will take you to heavenly heights.

We rarely find the time to truly and fully spend together with our loved ones. Even when we are together, we are alone. Often my partner and I don't even meet for dinner, often we each shut ourselves in a different room, at our computers, and the other seems to be air. We take his love for granted. Let's change that, at least for Valentine's Day. When else do we connect to each other and realize how we feel about the other?

Heavenly experiences

An intimate setting, a perfectly heated room, the hands of our masseurs or masseuses, and most importantly a beloved partner by our side. Completely discreet, relaxing and romantic, that's what a candlelit couples massage with the scent of an aroma lamp is like. It offers you a wonderful opportunity to declare your love and deepen your trust.

What does it give you? It gives you time together because it takes place in the same room and at the same time. It is up to you to choose the same type of massage or each according to your preference. One may prefer a relaxing oil massage, the other may prefer a traditional Thai massage. The only requirement is that they last the same amount of time.


It all depends on your needs. Everything is "tailor-made" for you. Choose from our range of products. Will it be a perfect, royal massage? It's a unique combination of several techniques. It's full of herbs, gentle care, warming. Traditional Thai massage is combined with acupressure, gentle movements of the masseur, aroma oil to give you strength and regeneration. This massage greatly reduces stress, which we all experience a lot of. It will make you fall asleep beautifully.

An exceptionally relaxing Coconut Oil Massage in organic quality will provide you with a great relaxation. It will also provide your body with maximum life-giving and nutritious elements. It will deeply warm, moisturise and beautifully scent your skin.

You will experience deep relaxation with the Lava Stone Massage. However, hot stones heated by fire have been used by Native Americans to relieve muscle aches and pains. And it worked. The heat of the smooth stones leads to deep relaxation and warming, releasing tension so the massage therapist can work more deeply. This massage cleanses away toxins and leaves your skin feeling refreshed. It relieves stress and anxiety, blood circulation and induces better sleep. Your joints will thank you for it.

The Four Hands Massage will give you the absolute TOP experience. It will make you feel truly royal. Let yourself be carried away by the synchronised four-hand massage, where the masseurs are so connected that they work very harmoniously.

After the massage, you can move to our relaxation room and spend more moments just the two of you. Sip green tea and enjoy the pleasure of each other's presence.

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