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It is beautiful, mysterious and still hides a beneficial power. That's what crystal is. Tea prepared in it will become a delicious drink that you will surely enjoy.

Although it is one of the most common minerals, it never ceases to fascinate us with its form and its effects. It reflects light beautifully and can charge us with pure energy, giving us strength and vitality. It has universal use, as it can cope with a wide range of ailments that afflict us. It harmonizes the body, soothes pain, strengthens immunity and balances energy.

Crystal induces good sleep, improves mood and skin condition. It stops bleeding, can purify energy, relieves headaches, migraines or nausea. It improves thyroid function, strengthens the heart, lungs and improves digestion. If we keep it close to us, our concentration will improve, we will be in a better mood and we will grow spiritually overall. It also helps to get rid of addiction or jealousy.

How beautiful and delicious it is then to sip your favorite tea from a crystal cup. Not only is it a beautiful design element, but it carries the power of crystal and all its beneficial effects. It adds its energy to the drink and can harmonise it. It is very suitable for the preparation of black or green jasmine tea, puerh, oolong, etc.

Give it as a gift to your loved ones. In our offer you will find two variants. Pure hand-cleaned crystal cup:


natural pink quartz amethyst white crystal cup:

Believe me, both will blow you away.

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