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It is becoming a trend of modern times. At least one month a year without alcohol. And it has its meaning. It's good to abstain and it's very good for your health.

Did you know that there are 1.5 million people in our country who have alcohol problems? 6,500 die a year because of it. Pretty scary numbers. Many people can't imagine an evening without a glass or a bottle of wine or a few beers. Unfortunately, such a routine takes a toll on our health. If you are concerned about your body and soul, consider limiting it. At least try the challenge of a dry February. You may find that it works for you and stick with abstinence.

After just a few days, you'll feel an improvement. Your sleep will deepen, your body will regenerate better, you'll be more hydrated, headaches will ease, energy will increase, concentration will improve. A clearer mind, a more beautiful body. Why? Because alcohol contains a lot of sugar and empty energy, which makes you gain weight so beautifully. And if you drink regularly, you can develop a tummy and become overweight before long. Eliminating alcohol can then cause you to lose weight quite substantially even without dieting. And that's worth it, isn't it? Add to that, you'll relieve your liver and cleanse your body. You'll improve your mental and physical fitness. Reason enough to replace alcohol with a soft drink.

How to limit it?

It's a dry February that will show you how you're doing. A month without alcohol will show how much you can't do without it. Observe what it does to your mind and body. Be aware of when you get the urge to drink, what occasions it is associated with. And when you can't take it anymore and fail, figure out why that was, how much did you drink and to what extent did you control yourself? Write it all down.

Do you feel like you won't be able to socialise without alcohol? Wrong. Today it is fashionable not to drink. How to do it? Start slowly. If you've been drinking a bottle of wine a day, try cutting back. A little less each day. Or out of seven days a week, set aside one to stay clean. Gradually add those days until you get to zero.

What to drink instead of alcohol?

There are plenty of options. Today you can indulge in natural homemade lemonades or perhaps a vitamin-packed smoothie, which your body will appreciate now that winter is here. You can supplement it with various seeds to ensure a wholesome snack. A great refreshing drink is lassi. It comes from India and all you need is some vegetable yoghurt, your favourite fruit, ideally a mango, and some herbs.

How about taking advantage of the benefits of tea? Is it black, green, white or some alternative in the form of rooibos or fruit teas? Try. It will make you feel better. Cheers!

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