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For some it is a delicacy, for others a ritual, for others a medicine. In any case, green tea is a drink that has beneficial effects on our organism.

How nice it is to settle comfortably in a chair, sipping green tea and enjoying its aroma. A wonderful time that works on our mind and body. Enjoy it.

Five thousand years ago in ancient China. Asian countries like China and Japan are among the biggest producers and can't imagine life without it. And they do well. Green tea has many positive health benefits. It circulates blood, strengthens teeth and bones and provides us with many antioxidants. It's good for our heart, brain and digestion. It can help us improve our concentration, memory or thinking, but also our mood. It brings us a wide range of vitamins and minerals.

We can read about its positive effects in the Book of Tea, written by the monk Eisai in 1191. It even refers to the treatment of hangovers, cold sores and urinary tract infections. Green tea contains caffeine and thus stimulates the body. Reach for it when you need to get rid of fatigue. Moreover, the caffeine in it is slower to release compared to that found in coffee, so it works on us longer and is not such a burden on our heart.

Green tea consists of the leaves of the Chinese tea tree. Yet each tastes different. This is due to where it is grown, altitude, sunshine, rainfall and other influences. Its production is quite complex. The leaves do not undergo fermentation, but are heated as soon as possible after harvesting.

Preparation as a ritual

Preparing the tea and sipping it can be a perfect ritual. The right temperature is important so as not to destroy the taste and all the important substances, and it could also turn bitter. Let the water boil and then cool to 60 to 80 degrees. Interestingly, green tea can be infused more than once. Just take into account that each subsequent infusion will be weaker and need to be infused longer. Usually, two teaspoons of leaves are used per quarter litre of infusion. It is said that the second infusion is the best. So try it and see which one tastes right to you.

We can offer you, for example, Chinese Jasmine Pel tea, which will bloom beautifully before you. It earned its name because it is hand-rolled into the shape of pearls. Each one is naturally scented with fresh jasmine flowers. As they infuse, they slowly unfurl and the florets open. It smells wonderful and is truly delicious.

Green tea

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