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It's been a long winter and although this year's has been very mild so far, frosts may still hit. Overall, the winter season puts a strain on our bodies, making them weaker, more tired, struggling with viruses and vitamin deficiencies. A proper diet will help you with this.

We can find inspiration in the life of our great-grandmothers. Back then, people ate what was available. Today, on the other hand, we indulge in exotic fruits, artificially grown vegetables and much more at any time of the year, which is not ideal.

Our grandmothers' diets were tied to the seasons, and in winter they ate what survived the winter and in such a form that, to put it bluntly, they too survived the winter. The table was set with warm, thick soups, porridge and legumes. The diet of that time was more natural and much closer to us.

Today, we can choose whatever we like. However, according to Chinese medicine, it is advisable to focus on warming foods and to serve them warm - that is, boiled, stewed, baked...

What to indulge in and what to avoid

Broth is great, fermented vegetables and fermented foods (tempeh) provide a lot of vitamins, which also benefit our intestinal microflora, which is the pillar of our immunity. On the other hand, we should limit raw vegetables, salads, tropical fruits, melons, these are foods that are cooling. However, they also make us crave them more in the hot summer. Let's focus on domestic fruit instead. It's not for nothing they say: An apple a day is better than a thousand doctors. Now cabbage is in season, beetroot, we can still reach for pumpkin, carrots, parsley.

You can start the day with cereal porridge, and it is not necessary to stay only with the old familiar fairy tale of youth - semolina. How about making porridge from buckwheat, barley or polenta? Fruits are better cooked in the form of compote, stewed, baked.... In winter, we also resort to fattier foods. It is logical, because fat warms up and the body needs to make reserves. For example, broth will do you good.

Don't forget the spices too. Add a pinch of chilli, pepper, ginger. Cinnamon, cardamom, star anise...

Ginger tea

Need to warm up and boost your immunity? Brew yourself a ginger tea. Just grate or cut a piece of ginger into small pieces, boil, add a pinch of chilli, lemon and sweeten to taste. This medicine is delicious and effective.

Warm up with movement

In order to feel good, it is not enough to eat, but you should also overcome laziness and move around a bit. Preferably in nature, in the fresh air. Natural movement, brisk walking, is ideal. If it snows, how about a run in the snow? Build a snowman with the children, frolic, rejoice. You'll be warm in no time and your mood will be even better.

Warm from all sides

The sauna will warm you up perfectly. Before you go, make sure you're really healthy. Then it can do you a lot of good. Not only will it keep you nice and warm, but regular visits will improve your immunity. For some people, the classic Finnish sauna is too intense. The 90 degree heat is not for everyone. In that case, you can try an infrared sauna, which heats up to a much lower temperature. The source sends out infrared light that doesn't heat the air so much, but the objects inside, i.e. the person. It is also kinder to our hearts.

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