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The old saying urges us to lounge behind the stove. Oh, no. Don't be tempted to laze around and get outside. You'll do your body and soul good.

Outside, everything is starting to turn green, the first spring flowers are appearing, herbs are sprouting and the forests beckon us to embrace their trees. Draw energy from nature. It is now that it has its greatest power.

It doesn't cost anything or hurt. A walk in nature is free, yet serves as great medicine. It is scientifically proven that being in nature promotes physical health as well as mental health.

Today we are almost slaves to stress. It's all around us. The urban environment is full of hectic life, smog and challenging situations. Nature gives us the opportunity to get away from them. It surrounds us with purity and peace.

In nature, we naturally come into contact with various microorganisms, thus strengthening our immunity. If we sit cooped up at home, barely getting any air, it won't do our bodies much good. We are tired, the stale air makes us sleepy, and viruses and all sorts of bugs thrive in such an environment. Air it out and get out.

If we don't do intense sports in nature, our heart rate will drop, our psyche will calm down and we will feel better. Stress doesn't just come upon us.

Of course, movement in nature is great. When we do it, we naturally toughen ourselves up, we can better deal with viruses, bacteria or colds. It's far more effective than exercising in an indoor fitness center.

We are happier when we are in nature. Surely you have felt for yourself that when you return from a walk, the world seems so much more beautiful. You might even find yourself smiling involuntarily. It's the hormones dopamine and cortisol that are activated in nature. And they're the ones behind the feelings of happiness.

It's good to meditate in nature. We can concentrate on ourselves better and become part of nature. Nature has a positive effect on our sleep. So if you can't sleep, go for a walk in the evening.

Nature gives us freedom. We feel free, we concentrate and relax better. In nature we have the possibility of inner freedom, the soul can "float" and nothing binds us. We are able to free ourselves from material burdens. We connect with the energy of earth and sky. In nature we are whole.

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