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It costs nothing and brings much. The well-known proverb is full of truth. With a single smile we enrich not only the one to whom we give it, but also ourselves. And it doesn't matter if we put a subtle Mona Lisa smile on our lips or if we neigh like a horse.

A smile takes many forms. Just as we are all different, our smiles are different too. In any case, it gives us many positive things. If we smile, we will improve our health and become more active. At the same time, we will radiate positive energy, so our surroundings will perceive us in a much more positive way. A smiling person looks friendly, trustworthy and attractive.

Have you noticed that when you smile, you get better at your work? There's a saying that says it all: Everything goes better with a smile. A smile is a light that chases away bad moods and can even take away pain. But that's not all. It has a good effect on our heart, circulation and immunity. It soothes, reduces tension and can even cope with anxiety.

It awakens the hormones of happiness and although we usually don't want to get infected with anything, it is the smile and laughter that is contagious and we are happy to get infected with it. In order to have a good laugh, it's good to go out socially. According to research, we laugh up to thirty times more among laughing people than we do alone.

But even if you're cooped up at home alone, it doesn't matter. Smiles and laughter can be induced artificially. There are techniques to turn a small, tiny smile into a heroic laugh. Eventually, we fall for it so much that the artificial becomes natural. Even such laughter is meaningful and its effects are identical. So if you have nothing to laugh about, take up this exercise. Or think of a story or memory that is guaranteed to make you laugh.

It is said that women laugh more than men. So ladies, smile at the men and you, gentlemen, be in the presence of women so you can be infected by their laughter.

Laughter Quotes:

+ "Laughter costs less than electricity and gives more light."

Archibald Joseph Cronin

+ "A smile is a feast of the face."

Jiri Suchy

+ "Laughter and smiling are the gates through which much good can be smuggled into a person."

Christian Morgenstern

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