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An aching soul can cause us much harm. It is as serious as any other physical ailment. It can even trigger it. And so we should pamper it enough.

Today's times are full of stress, chaos, speed and a lot of pressure. We don't have time for good food, we don't have time for enough sleep, we don't have time for our hobbies, and so it's no wonder our souls languish. We will advise you how to get it back in shape and make your life joyful.


You may just tell yourself that you don't have time to make time for yourself, but time is crucial. If you are still spinning in a whirlwind of obligation and feel like a mouse running around in a wheel, stop and get clear on your direction. Where are you going? To what? It will help if you make a plan and include time for yourself. It's not selfishness, it's a significant cleansing. Feel free to write this time in your diary just as you would an important meeting. This will make it a clear part of your day.


What you do with your free time is up to you. But you'll definitely benefit from being in nature. A walk in the fresh air, the trees, the forest, the water... Go just outside the city and take in what nature has to offer. Listen to the birds singing, smell the pine needles, feel the walk along the forest path. Come back to yourself. It will refresh you and put a smile on your face.


Sleep heals and cures. In order to relax our stressed nerves, we need to rest. The key is quality sleep, which should last at least seven hours. Ventilate the bedroom well, make it dark, the temperature should be around 17 degrees. There should be no television or blue light emitting electronics in the sleeping area. And don't have any conflicts at bedtime. You should go to bed feeling reconciled.


Treat yourself to a nice massage, a warm bath, a sauna... This is where you will relax your body and mind. Meditation is a great way to relax, inducing mental well-being, deepening concentration, reducing stress and calming the mind. But relaxation can be any activity that you love to do with passion, be it a sport or another hobby. You can create something, sing, dance, play a musical instrument, anything that feels good to you.


Gratitude has been shown to have a positive effect on our health, contributing to feelings of happiness and inducing a sense of well-being. We can express gratitude to anyone - to someone who has done something for us, to the shop assistant who smiled at us at the checkout, to the cook who cooked us a good meal, but also to ourselves, to our bodies for serving us so beautifully. Try to think of three things each night before you go to bed that made you happy that day and for which you are grateful. Give thanks for them and fall asleep with a smile on your face.

Remember that the soul resides in the body, so it is important to pay attention to what we put in our mouths.

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