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Vegan Beetroot Rose Salad (onions and garlic free)

Portion: 2


1/2 beetroot

4-5 yellow cherry tomatoes

1/2 cucumber

A handful of sesame leaves

Passion Fruit Salad Sauce

2 passion Fruit

Agave Syrup

Olive oil


1. Peel the beetroot, cut it in half, and then cut into half-round slices. Stack one end of one slice with the other. 5-6 slices are gradually rolled up from one end to the other to form a rose shape.

2. Cut cucumber into thin slices, roll the slice into a cylindrical shape.

3. Cut cherry tomatoes in half.

4. Scoop out the passion fruit pulp, mix it with agave syrup and olive oil well. (Season accordingly)

More information about pure diet can be found on our blog.

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