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300 g Penne pasta

50 g paprika

80 g Chinese cabbage

7 g coriander

100 g vegan cheese (your choice)

200g vegan hotdog(your choice)

120g tomato sauce ( or 50g tomato puree)

125g vegan cream (your choice)

Salt and pepper to taste 🤗

Directions: take the sausages in your hands and prepare them from the bowl:

Cook the pasta in boiling water

About 8-10min 🚫 no longer than 10min

Fry the peppers for 1-2min

Add tomato sauce or paste(stir for a minute)

Then add cheese and hot dog

Pour half cup of water to make

cheese to combine.

Time to add the cream and cilantro.

Let it cook for about 2-3 minutes

on low heat.

Then add the Chinese cabbage, which will blend in 1 min.

Then stir in the pasta.

Season with salt and pepper to taste 🤗.

Reminder ‼️

Do not overcook the Chinese cabbage to give it a crispy texture and fresh taste 🫶🏼 ENJOY 😉

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