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Mardi Gras is based on Christianity. It is the period between Christmas and Easter. It begins after Three Kings and ends forty days before Easter, when it is followed by a strict fast. And so, during this time, everyone tried to enjoy all the joys of life.

Shrovetide is made up of two words: meat and fasting. Yes, during the celebration, people traditionally indulged in delicacies in abundance in order to cope with the difficult forty days when they were forbidden meat and other delicacies. And so during these days they celebrated life, indulged in plenty of food, held slaughter parties, joyous meetings with neighbours, parades of masks and much other merriment. We are returning to this tradition today.

Have you given up meat and do you feel that this event is therefore forbidden to you? You too can rejoice and indulge in a perfect feast. Traditional carnival delicacies may have little to do with a healthy diet, but if you indulge in a healthier - vegetarian - version, you won't have to feel guilty.

Pies, doughnuts, pancakes, crackling.... Do you want to sin against your convictions? Here's some advice:


Would you like to have cracklings with your bread? Or add them to traditional pancakes? It's very simple. Cut smoked tofu into small cubes and fry in oil until crispy. You can also fry oyster mushrooms or tempeh in the same way. Believe me, it's the kind of goodness that even non-vegetarians will enjoy.


Pushcake or homemade sulc also belongs on the carnival table. The truth is that the base is made up of bone broth and pork. Never mind. You can replace the classic gelatin with vegetable agar and pour it over the pickled vegetables. If you still want to indulge in the taste of meat, dice up some alternative, such as flavoured tofu, tempeh, seitan or soy sausages.


What would carnival be without doughnuts... You can also bake them in a vegan version. Butter can be replaced with vegetable fat, eggs with peas or applesauce, regular milk with soy milk. If you want them to be echt healthy, use whole wheat flour instead of regular white flour. Otherwise, do the same. Knead the yeast starter, work the dough, let it rise, roll out the pancake and cut out rounds that you can fill with jam. Cover with a second round of dough and bake in the oven if you want them to be non-fat.

With such a feast you can celebrate Shrovetide with ease.

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