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Why following Pure diet?

Pure diet

Nowadays, there are different religion-based, health-based and environmental protection-based diets. The pure diet is different than vegetarian, vegan or raw vegan diets because it excludes animal products, the five pungent spices and intoxicants such as cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. In addition to protecting the earth's environment, following the pure diet also protects and purifies our mind environment.

Due to environmental protection, we know how to recycle garbage. But do we know how to recycle and purify the garbage in our mind? Having a clear mind is akin to a car with a clear front window (for seeing the road situation and direction more clearly), a virus-free computer (so that programs function better) or a cloudless night sky (so the moon is clearly visible). In our daily life, having a clear mind is important for improving our efficiency, time management, making wise decisions and prioritizing work-related tasks.

Negative energies such as emotions pressure, anger, hatred and fear are like “garbage” accumulated in the room of the mind. If these remain unpurified, our clarity of mind will be negatively affected. After staying in such a messy room for a long time a person will become anxious, depressed and unhappy.

A young man had the habit of eating cake whenever he was stressed. His parents wanted to help him get rid of this “bad” habit, hoping he could grow up and handle pressure with maturity, so threw away his cake. When the young man came home from work that day, he wanted to eat cake because he’d been fired. But he found out that his parents had thrown it away. All the suffering he’d faced over the years came to his mind, and he couldn’t bear it anymore. Sadly, he committed suicide.

If either the parents or the young man’s minds were clearer that day, such a tragedy might have been avoided. This story shows how harmful emotions can be, and how important it is to have emotional stability. Emotions are similar to the garbage in our mind—if we don’t cleanse them, they’ll continue to accumulate.

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Have we thought about where this “garbage” comes from? How to cleanse them?

First of all, it comes from the food we eat. The cleansing starts with changing our diet into pure diet. You may ask, “Why start with the pure diet?” Our body, mind and soul are a system, so cleaning the system is the first step to improving or upgrading the system. This is akin to improving our skin condition. To do so, we must first wash and apply both tonic and cream. Without cleaning, no matter how much quality cream we apply, it won’t help. On the contrary, it will even worsen the skin’s condition.

A Japanese doctor, Emoto, has found that words, thoughts, emotions and behavior carry energy. Good ones provide positive energy, and bad ones pollute us. When we eat meat, we also consume the negative energy of animal emotions and habits. The five pungent spices and intoxicants carry murky energies that stimulate our desires and pollute our consciousness.

Only by protecting the earth's environment can we have a place to live. Protecting the environment of our mind, we can live a life with better quality and value, with a clearer consciousness for protecting the earth's environment.

More information about pure diet can be found on our blog.

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