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Enjoy an unforgettable experience of peace and tranquility in our Pure Spa by Masaz4you. Our menu includes a wide range of therapies including Thai massages, relaxation massages and much more. In addition, we bring you the opportunity to relax and nourish your body in our modern facilities such as sauna, gym and jacuzzi.
Experiences of tranquility at Masaz4you are our priority.

That's why we also offer special rituals such as the Japanese Ofuro Bath, refreshing Shirodhara, revitalizing scrubs and hand and foot care in the form of manicures and pedicures. Let the relaxing atmosphere and relaxation in the salt room complete your overall experience. With the massage4you experience, you can discover the path to inner peace and harmony and nourish your body and mind in our oasis of tranquility.


We combine ancient wisdom with a modern approach for an unforgettable experience. Massages are performed with love and care. Experienced therapists help you forget about stress and tension. Through stroking movements and pressure on the body, we achieve relaxation of the muscles and mind. We offer different types of massages tailored to your needs. Give your body and mind a well-deserved rest. Our tranquil environment offers quality care.

Relaxing Massage Therapy
Interior of our sauna at Masaz4you, featuring a wooden basket and hot stones, creating a serene and rejuvenating atmosphere for our guests


Our wellness sauna is a corner of well-being and relaxation. Soak in the warmth that relaxes your muscles and relieves stress. Your circulation will improve, your skin will get a glow and your airways will be freer. Choose between the dry sauna and the refreshing steam. Experience a unique escape that both body and mind will appreciate.


Our private whirlpool is the gateway to instant relaxation and refreshment. The warm water and gentle swirl act like a healing balm on your body and mind. Immerse yourself in this oasis of calm and let the relaxing waves carry you away. The whirlpool soothes muscles, promotes blood circulation and helps reduce stress. Get ready for an experience that will renew and revive you.

Our relaxing hot tub, providing the perfect spot for unwinding and soothing hydrotherapy at Masaz4you.
Our well-equipped gym at Masaz4you, offering a variety of fitness options to keep you in shape and energized.


Our gym offers the perfect environment to strengthen your body and mind. Create your path to better health and fitness with quality equipment and expert supervision. Build strength, endurance and mobility with a workout that is customized to your needs. Our gym will provide you with support and inspiration on your journey to an active lifestyle.


Ofuro bath is an authentic Japanese way of relaxation that combines tradition and comfort. Step into this warm bath and let yourself drift into a world of peace and relaxation. The warm water and quiet atmosphere will help you calm your mind and relax your muscles. The Ofuro bath is a moment of relaxation where you can immerse yourself in a traditional Japanese ritual and have a unique relaxing experience.

The luxurious Ofuro bath at Masaz4you, providing a relaxing and rejuvenating soaking experience.
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