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About our wellness

Žena je masírována masérkou v oblasti šíje.

Our massages are performed professionally and with love for the client. But we don't just focus on massages, we like to reflect with you on how you can feel better not only in the moment of the massage but also in your everyday life. We try to find the causes of your difficulties and look for solutions with you. That's why we also offer advice on healthy lifestyle and relationships.
Our services are provided in a clean and soothing environment. We want your visit with us to be an unforgettable experience. That is why we strive to create a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. And of course, we do not forget about the quality of our products and materials.
We use only natural oils and essences for your well-being. This means that our massages are not only beneficial for your body, but also for your mind. We would like you to leave our studio with the feeling that you have found inner peace and harmony.
Come to us to relax and find your balance. Pure Spa by Masaz4you is here for you.

At Pure Spa, there are many spacious rooms to provide you with plenty of privacy and comfort during your relaxing massage.


Masseuse Miriam Joy Pelayo

Miriam Joy Pelayo

The approach to clients should be the same as to one's own family, with respect and dignity.

Masérka Luvilyn Lagartera se usmívá.

Luvilyn Lagartera

Come to us for a massage, it is possible that here you will find the new energy you need.

Masérka Sonia přináší odborné doteky a péči, aby každá masáž byla jedinečným zážitkem pro naše klienty.

Sonia Nito

To self love and self care. When I take care of myself, get good sleep, practice gratitude, exercise and meditate, I feel amazing it..always eat vegetables, to make my bodies healthy as well..

Masseur Ondřej Lenc with a smile on his portrait

Ondřej Lenc

Each of us can change. My wish is that we all change to be better and better people.

Masseuse Christine Pelayo smiles for a portrait in the salon's salt room

Christine Pelayo

The universe has given us a relentlessly faithful heart, we can love for lifetimes. First we must find it.

Fyzioterapeut Vítali v akci, přinášející své odborné znalosti a dovednosti do každé terapeutické relace.

Vitali Tsybulski

Our body knows at every moment what helps it and what destroys it. It lets us know by its feelings.

Our concept - Vegan massage salon, where we care not only for your body, but also for the planet Earth


Zelená planeta s rostlinami symbolizující náš koncept veganského masážního salonu.

Masaz4you is a spa concept that values cleanliness not only on the outside but also on the inside. To protect our health and prevent disease, we believe a change in diet is essential. That's why we have enhanced our spa with natural, pure vegan products, oils and an environment that respects all beings. Our services require continuous improvement, inspiring us to make changes and promote not only a clean salon, but also a clean body and mind.


We are inspired by Eastern philosophy that values purity not only of the body, but also of the physical position, spirit and mind, leading to growth. Our team is inspired by the motto "you are what you eat" and practices a pure plant-based diet. We wanted to become more professional, so we stopped drinking alcohol and eating meat. If we want to be respected, we must first respect others, and if we want to be able to respect others, we must first respect ourselves. It starts with a clean plant-based diet, and since we have realized this, our days are more meaningful.


Every massage therapist radiates energy, so we should consider what kind of energy we want to radiate to our clients, colleagues, friends and family. We are happy to provide a pure and honest service that protects not only our clients, but ourselves as well. Harmony, or the balance between what we are going through and who we truly are, is essential, which is why our services provide harmony for all.


We are open to anyone who wants to let go of their suffering, change their life and be willing to make changes. We value purity, not only in our approach to providing services to our clients, but also in the space you choose to come to us. We are open to change, so we treat each person individually. Your feedback drives us to continually improve, inspiring us to change ourselves and provide a better service to our regular visitors.


We can help you improve the balance between your mind, body and soul. Are you tired of the stress in your life? Do you love yourself? We offer services that address not only the effects but also the causes of your problems. We have learned how to massage well, but we are also aware that it only helps temporarily. We go through many situations in life that provide us with valuable experience. We are aware that a positive attitude and positive energy are essential. Why is our energy often leaking, insufficient or fluctuating? These can be our topics during a pre-arranged meeting.


What inspired you? Share it with us. Come to Masaz4you and let us help you improve your physical and mental health, offering a clean and harmonious environment, natural products and sincere service that will positively impact your life.

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