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⚠️(without meat, onion and garlic)⚠️


Prepare: spaghetti sauce.

1 whole pepper 🫑 chops

2 pcs of carrots 🥕 chops

1 whole piece of tofu.

Fry them for 2min

Then add tomato sauce 355ml

Half a cup of water

1 tsp salt 🧂

1 tsp peppercorns

1tbsp rice syrup/sugar

Wait until it boils. Turn off the fire.


1 and a half eggplant 🍆 sliced half an inch thinner

Then prepare it in a separate baking dish

Then put the aubergine repeatedly into the sauce.

After preparation, put the crumbled cheese

on top and then bake (230c- for 30mins).

Serves 3 people.

ENJOY ! 🫶🏼🤤👌😍

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