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Vegan C3 (coffee chiffon cupcakes)


Chiffon cake:

You need: 700 g of plain flour / cake flour.

5.69 g baking powder

5.69 g of baking soda

480 g coconut sugar / white sugar

200 g vegan butter (at room temperature)

540 ml almond milk (at room temperature)

10ml vanilla extract


Beat the butter until it becomes fluffy and white in colour.

Then add the sugar and stir

Add the vanilla, flour and baking powder.

And baking soda, mix them well until combined.

(If you used white sugar,

you can add a little yellow food coloring).

Preheat the oven to 250 °C for 5-6 minutes.

Grease a cake tin with oil and then pour the cake mixture into it.

Mix the butter.

Reminder: do not fill the entire cake tin,

always keep the cake 10 cm apart.

Tap the cake gently and then bake at 170-180-c.

At 40min straight.

Cream icing:

250ml vegan whipping cream.

60g brown sugar

60g coconut flour (optional)

30 g coffee powder


Cream filling

In a large bowl add the whipping cream Mix on medium or low speed until stiff, do not over mix.

Add brown sugar, coffee and coconut flour. Then mix again until combined.

While removing the cake sheet from the oven, refrigerate it for 5 minutes.


When the chiffon cake is completely cooled. Cut into square shapes.

Then cut them in two.

Place the cream filling between them.

Suitable for 6 servings


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