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Not for nothing is it referred to as a tea miracle. It is truly magical. It contributes powerfully to our health and its taste lifts us to the heavens.

While black or green tea is common, white tea is not so well known. However, the ancient Chinese, where this type of tea originated, were already fond of it 5,000 years ago. It was also called the drink of emperors. It was very rare and expensive because it is more than difficult to process. And so it was not something that just anyone could afford. In its time, only the richest could really get their hands on it.

So if you like tea, look for white. Although it comes, like black and green, from the Camellia sinensis plant, the Chinese tea tree, the tea leaves are hand-picked at the beginning of the growing season, sun-dried, and neither roasted nor fermented. This is what sets them apart from other types of tea.

It gets its name from the silvery white hairs that cover the tea leaves. The gentle processing gives it many positives. Not only the specific taste, but also the many antioxidants. It's a kind of elixir of youth. Among other things, it effectively fights viruses and bacteria, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, has a positive effect on our heart, digestion and immunity. Another advantage is that it can be enjoyed even by people who do not like coffee or other types of tea because of its caffeine content. It can also be found in the white one, but in much smaller quantities than in the others.

According to studies, it even prevents tartar and periodontal disease, relieves stress and even helps with weight loss. What's more, you'll really enjoy it. It is fresh, slightly sweet and has a beautiful light golden colour. What more could you ask for for perfect relaxation.

What white tea can do:

+ Prevents aging thanks to its high antioxidant content

+ Preventively protects against cancer

+ Breaks down fats and speeds up metabolism

+ Supports digestion and kidney function

+ Strengthens immunity

+ Lowers cholesterol levels

+ Calms the mind

+ Supports heart and blood vessel function

We've fallen for white tea too. So we are happy to offer it in our e-shop. Try Shou Mee, the white tea called "Eyebrows of Long Age". It has a slightly herbal, spicy and fruity taste.

If you would like to gift your loved ones with an effective item, we can offer you 2015 Fuding Old White Tea Authentic Alpine Shoumei Gongmei Peony Tea. It is a cake shaped pressed extruded tea weighing 350g.

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